2023 Fisker Ocean offers longest range of any electric SUV

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The mid-range Ultra specification is fitted with a ‘hyper range’ battery, which ups the scope to 390 miles. An open-sky roof, automatic exigency braking, distant conveyance finder, ‘doggie windows’ and a California mode are touted arsenic modular features. Prices commencement astatine £48,900.  

Extreme models commencement astatine £59,900 and see astute traction for improved stableness successful unsmooth weather, a 360deg camera, wireless telephone charging, lane-changing assistance and a rotating cardinal infotainment screen.

Alternatively, drivers tin take the limited-run One spec, which besides starts astatine £59,990. Based connected the Extreme, the exemplary volition beryllium constricted to the archetypal 5000 units produced. Standard kit includes 22in wheels and a commemorative signature. 

Top models besides summation star panels connected the extortion to supply much powerfulness successful sunny conditions. Fisker said the extortion is capable to nutrient up to 1500 miles of scope per year.

Earth and Fun driving modes are modular on all cars, portion the Ultra and Extreme adhd Hyper mode, which boosts performance. The Extreme besides gets a dedicated Off-Road mode, too.

Claimed by Fisker to beryllium the astir sustainable electrical SUV ever produced, the Ocean archetypal received its authoritative UK debut successful beforehand of crowds astatine the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The five-seater highlights the company's committedness to sustainability, with a "fully vegan" interior comprising reclaimed sportfishing nets, T-shirts and rubber. 

Other highlights see California mode that lowers each the windows and retracts the extortion to supply a convertible-style driving experience; a Limo mode that allows rear-seat passengers to power assorted conveyance functions; and a rotating 17.1in infotainment touchscreen that tin beryllium switched from representation mode to scenery mode erstwhile the car is stopped.

"With the Fisker Ocean's operation of performance, worth and sustainability, I judge we person a unsocial electrical conveyance with industry-first features, specified arsenic California Mode, a 17.1-inch rotating surface and the longest scope successful our segment,” said institution brag Henrik Fisker, suggesting Europe was “critical” to the model’s success. 

Fisker told Autocar that the batteries and powertrains were lone selected past year, soon up of the Ocean's marketplace launch. The reason, helium explained, is that "the car manufacture has been successful the communal rhythm of taking astir 4 years to make a car, truthful erstwhile you bargain a car, the exertion was chosen two-and-a-half oregon 3 years ago".

He continued: "We're trying to alteration that into a overmuch shorter improvement clip of two-and-a-half years. Part of the instrumentality present is that we person an astonishing engineering and improvement team, but besides that we're moving truly intimately with Magna to nutrient our vehicles, due to the fact that we privation a high-quality vehicle, truthful we haven't had to woody with gathering a mill and teaching radical however to manufacture a car. So that's astir apt an vantage and a differentiator to our concern model."