‘Amicable solution’ to Euro 7 would secure future of Volkswagen Polo

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Whether oregon not the Commission recasts the proposals much favourably to the car makers “plays a relation successful the aboriginal of Polo”, Schäfer said.

VW says the contented is not with emissions levels themselves, which are astir unchanged from those of Euro 6 from September 2014. “We’ve got nary occupation with the emissions part. We really asked to instrumentality the limits for CO [carbon monoxide] and NOx [oxides of nitrogen] close up!” Schäfer said. “But they said no, we springiness you tougher framework conditions.”

The ‘frame conditions’ see a broader operational model successful which the emissions restrictions apply. For example, the ambient somesthesia changes from 0-30deg C to 0-35deg C, portion the “extended” conditions drops from -7deg C to -10deg C and rises to 45deg C. 

Rather than absorption connected the emissions themselves, the European Union successful the past fewer years has been tightening up the loopholes wrong Euro 6, starting with the Real Driving Emissions (RDE) constituent to guarantee the cars are really cleaner successful the existent world, not conscionable the laboratory. RDE was introduced successful 2017 successful the aftermath of Dieselgate - which VW was astatine the centre of.

VW and different car makers reason that the propulsion to electrification with a prohibition connected interior combustion engines connected the docket for 2035 makes Euro 7 irrelevant, fixed the gait of the switchover. “The solution is electrification. We each cognize this,” Schäfer said. “Combustion motor volumes driblet close disconnected successful 2026/27 aft Euro 7 comes in.”