Audi Group forecasts operating margin dip after record 2022

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The Audi Group expects its operating borderline to dip this year, arsenic proviso shortages easiness and income volumes statesman to rebound.

The radical comprising Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini and motorcycle marque Ducati acceptable a 12.2% borderline past twelvemonth acknowledgment to an summation successful the worth per car sold and affirmative effects from hedging earthy materials. This meant it made a €7.6 cardinal (£6.7bn) operating nett successful 2022, up 37.3% compared with the erstwhile grounds acceptable the twelvemonth prior.

However, the brands present foretell this volition autumn determination betwixt 9% and 11% successful 2023; coinciding with a rebound successful income volumes arsenic the proviso shortage eases.

Audi concern chief Jürgen Rittersberger told journalists connected a media call: "If we look astatine 2023, what I tin accidental is that proviso concern volition amended and has already improved. So from my constituent of view, we volition spot a benignant of a normalisation this year, but connected the different hand, determination was oregon determination volition beryllium inactive immoderate disruptions coming from the good known problems, logistic chains, but besides proviso chains, particularly semiconductors. So I deliberation it's 2023 a benignant of normalisation but not afloat mean benignant of say."

This mirrors the strategy of the wider Volkswagen Group – the umbrella nether which the Audi Group sits – which forecasts a stabilisation successful margins astatine 7.9%. This is due to the fact that the relaxation of the semiconductor situation is expected to extremity the car market’s equilibrium backmost towards buyers by the 3rd quarter, VW Group main fiscal serviceman Arno Antlitz said earlier this week. In turn, the contention among manufacturers heats up.

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As such, the Audi Group expects its income to turn from 1.6 cardinal past twelvemonth to betwixt 1.8 cardinal and 1.9 cardinal successful 2023.

This measurement summation volition beryllium led by Audi, of course: of the Group’s 1,638,638 deliveries successful 2022, conscionable 24,407 did not travel from the German manufacturer. 

In turn, high-end brands Bentley and Lamborghini – which some acceptable grounds income volumes successful 2022 arsenic the Volkswagen Group utilized its astir profitable brands to reenforce its coffers – whitethorn good trim their transportation target.