Audi to launch 20 models by 2025, half of them EVs

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Audi volition motorboat 20 caller cars by 2025, fractional of them electric, arsenic it pushes to lone motorboat caller EVs worldwide from 2026.

Speaking astatine the German firm's yearly conference, Audi CEO Markus Duesmann hailed the announcement arsenic being “on the verge of the biggest merchandise inaugural successful our history”.

He said: “By 2025, we volition person launched astir 20 caller models, much than 10 of which volition beryllium all-electric. We've acceptable the people to spell 100% electric. By 2027, we question to connection an all-electric conveyance successful each halfway segment.”

This volition commencement with the Audi Q6 E-tron, an SUV confirmed to get astatine the extremity of the year and the archetypal to usage the versatile PPE platform. It volition besides beryllium the archetypal EV built astatine Audi’s Ingolstadt plant.

An entry-level EV that volition beryllium beneath the Audi Q4 E-tron and beryllium a akin size to the Audi A3 was besides confirmed.

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Duesmann besides reaffirmed Audi's program to extremity accumulation of ICE cars successful 2033 – 7 years aft the last caller exemplary would person launched – and gradually signifier retired its ICE models arsenic it grows its EV line-up.

The steadfast is aiming to execute net-zero emissions by 2050.

He said: “Sales of all-electric models accrued by 44% twelvemonth connected twelvemonth [in 2022]. The high request for our Audi Q4 E-tron, Audi E-tron GT and Audi E-tron models confirms that we're connected the close way toward e-mobility.”

Speaking astir the commencement of 2023, Duesmann added: “Demand for e-mobility remains high. In January and February 2023, our income of all-electric vehicles worldwide were up astir 40% compared to the aforesaid months last year.

“We person immoderate 20,000 pre-orders connected the books, confirming that request for sustainable electrical mobility is booming.”