BMW 8 Series Convertible M850i xDrive 2023 UK first drive

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If the interior is simply a portion of archetypal BMW of the past decennary oregon so, past the aforesaid is existent for overmuch of the mode the M850i drives. The 4.4-litre, duplicate turbo V8 is simply a unit of nature, providing effortless thrust accompanied by a gentle woofle erstwhile you’re conscionable cruising, oregon lobbing you astatine the skyline portion sounding similar thunder erstwhile you acceptable everything to Sport Plus and works your foot. It doesn’t rather person the prima prime of Lexus’ 'nat asp' V8 enactment animal, but past fewer things do. The trusty ZF 8-speed is its accustomed impeccable self.

BMW is adamant the 8 Series is simply a sports car. The world is that a 2.1-tonne, 2.1-metre wide convertible is ne'er going to beryllium genuinely engrossing connected a B-road. In that light, the M850i is precisely what it needs to be: satisfying but secure, and each but escaped from scuttle shake, adjacent successful drop-top form.

The steering lacks feedback, but the four-wheel thrust system's torque organisation feels rear-biased astatine each times: it volition ever tighten its enactment connected the power, though oversteer requires deliberate effort. The four-wheel steering conjures a consciousness of agility that belies the car’s size and weight, portion besides making it a batch wieldier portion parking. 

The M850i is little palmy astatine the expansive touring portion of its mission, but the main culprit is apt the prime of tyres connected our trial car. 20in wheels permission country for conscionable a sliver of tyre sidewall, and to marque matters worse, the Pirellis connected this peculiar car were runflats. The effect is simply a thrust that’s brittle and makes you perpetually scan for potholes. Road roar is beauteous pervasive, too.