Editor's letter: Retailers must focus on used electric cars

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Values of utilized electrical cars are plummeting, arsenic Nick Gibbs’ investigation past week laid bare. His study details that values person dropped 18% successful the past 12 months and 20% since September, according to Cap HPI data, and worse could beryllium yet to come.

This has accelerated go the ascendant taxable of treatment successful the car retail world, and is the latest successful a bid of events that each started with Covid. Car makers stopping accumulation during Covid caused semiconductor chips to beryllium diverted to different industries, and past a shortage of them erstwhile car accumulation did return.

This led to car makers prioritising accumulation of EVs to conscionable CO2 targets, sending utilized car prices artificially precocious (sometimes supra database price) owed to the shortage of caller cars. Now comes the correction, which tin beryllium achy for EV owners looking to alteration cars and seeing their car is worthy acold little than expected connected portion exchange, and for car makers trying to power residual values. 

Sytner is the UK’s largest trader group, with caller car franchises from the likes of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar Land Rover, Audi and Porsche, and besides a immense utilized car business, CarShop. Earlier this week, Sytner Group brag Darren Edwards, a antheral who knows each determination is to cognize astir car retail successful this country, discussed the “challenge” facing utilized electrical vehicles, thing helium is moving done with his franchises and their customers now.

He noted that aboriginal adopters had seen the benefits of favourable taxation towards electrical vehicles, portion the remainder of the colonisation was waiting to spot however the elemental equation of scope and affordability of electrical cars played out. “There is simply a fearfulness of buying caller exertion that becomes outdated,” helium told me, with the scope of an EV holding large sway implicit its value.

“As exertion improves astatine a accelerated pace, a 300-mile scope becomes 350, 400, 500 – so what does that bash to the 250- and 300-mile cars?”

There is “work to beryllium done” for manufacturers wide connected the utilized electrical car proposition, oregon other it could extremity up undermining the hitherto affirmative upward inclination successful income of caller electrical vehicles. “If OEMs can’t get utilized and caller arsenic strong, past the caller proposition won’t beryllium arsenic compelling.” Indeed, wherefore would you bargain a caller electrical car astatine a terms acold supra a combustion-engined equivalent erstwhile you cognize that its worth volition soon plummet?

Edwards spoke of conversations that dealers were having to person with customers successful airy of this autumn successful values, thing that’s amplified by the hold times connected caller cars. “If you ordered your car a twelvemonth ago, your car arsenic portion speech volition person devalued since. It’s a challenging speech to have, but it’s a speech that needs to happen.”

Car dealers volition present beryllium looking to negociate utilized banal carefully, says Edwards, adding EV inventory lone astatine the close terms and reducing prices of aged banal to guarantee it is moved on. Gibbs’ communicative reports Auto Trader information showing EVs were the slowest-selling substance benignant successful February, with Audi Q4 E-trons taking astir 3 months connected mean to sell. 

However, there’s acold amended quality connected the caller car side, wherever Edwards says Sytner is “selling each car we tin get astatine the moment”. Enquiries person remained changeless passim the proviso shortage, and though proviso was improving “marginally” it was inactive a year-long hold up of galore models.

The different blistery taxable successful retail is agency, and Sytner dealers were among those affected by Mercedes-Benz’s power to the bureau income exemplary astatine the commencement of the year. Edwards said the occurrence oregon different of bureau “was yet to beryllium seen” but bureau “sounded bully successful theory” and added: “done well, it volition beryllium much transparent and seamless”. He commended Mercedes connected doing a “good job” with “good collaboration”. 

That collaboration betwixt OEMs and retailers volition beryllium needed much than ever arsenic they some enactment to navigate the existent unit connected utilized electrical car values earlier it becomes a crisis. 

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