Genesis GV80 2.5T Luxury 2022 UK review

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On the move, the car’s motor contributes reasonably good to its relaxing vibe, but the thrust associated with those 22in wheels decidedly does not. Genesis’ four-cylinder petrol develops capable accessible torque to determination the GV80’s wide easy successful emblematic day-to-day traffic; and it combines good with Hyundai’s ain eight-speed automatic gearbox truthful that, portion it’s nary large pleasance to rev oregon to perceive to erstwhile moving hard, you’re lone exposed to immoderate four-cylinder thrash erstwhile you request to be. 

Outright accelerative impulse is simply a small spot lacking, but successful a large car similar this you seldom consciousness similar hurrying. You can, astatine least, get up to motorway speeds briskly capable without feeling similar the car’s straining against its ain kerbweight. Real-world substance system is possibly the greater disappointment: thrust mildly portion touring and you mightiness conscionable astir spot 28mpg, but 24- is astir apt the much emblematic regular average.

Whether you thrust it mildly oregon otherwise, however, this car’s thrust connected those 22in wheels tin alteration from quiescent and settled to go abruptly rather jarring erstwhile you deed breached asphalt. Genesis makes immoderate large claims astir this car’s refinement; and it’s surely supple and agreeable erstwhile the aboveground suits it. But the institution truly indispensable bash a amended occupation of the GV80’s secondary thrust isolation successful bid to warrant those claims. 

As it is, lone those contented to bargain astatine the cheaper extremity of the showroom scope basal to get the genuinely relaxing car they’ve been promised. If you’re buying a GV80, then, beryllium brave capable to instrumentality with diesel powerfulness and lower-level trim, accepting immoderate instrumentality compromises travel on with the decision.