How Morgan will tackle next era under new boss

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If Massimo Fumarola’s parents had had a antithetic next-door neighbour successful Milan 4 decades ago, helium astir apt would ne'er person moved to Worcestershire successful 2022 to go the fourth-ever CEO of the Morgan Motor Company.

That neighbour was nary different than the president of Italy’s Morgan Motor Club, who Fumarola recalls arsenic “a emblematic Morgan fan, ever talking astir however overmuch helium loved his cars”.

When Fumarola near home, it was to bid arsenic an technologist and past articulation assorted ample automotive companies. He took jobs astatine Ferrari, Lamborghini and the Volkswagen Group, among others, successful an eventful aboriginal vocation that centred successful caller years connected planetary marketing.

When Morgan’s caller owner, the Italian task superior institution Investindustrial, offered Fumarola the accidental to tally 1 of the world’s oldest (albeit smallest) car makers, helium grabbed it with some hands.

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