Ineos Grenadier pick-up variant spotted in near-production guise

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The long-awaited Ineos Grenadier pick-up motortruck has entered a cardinal signifier of investigating up of its launch, undertaking tests connected icy roads successful utmost wintertime conditions. 

As confirmed erstwhile Autocar drove the Grenadier for the archetypal clip past year, the 4x4 model's household volition beryllium expanded with a pick-up motortruck (seen here) and a seven-seat rider version, each utilizing a longer (3175mm) wheelbase than the modular car. 

Ineos’s upcoming pick-up was spotted escaped of immoderate benignant of concealing livery, with chunky all-terrain tyres, fueling speculation that it volition beryllium conscionable arsenic susceptible off-road arsenic its SUV-styled sibling. 

When the exemplary was antecedently spotted investigating connected nationalist roads, it did not diagnostic a accepted load furniture astatine the rear, suggesting the commercialized mentation of the Grenadier could beryllium offered with a scope of devices and retention compartments to suit a assortment of applications, arsenic was the lawsuit with its spiritual forebear, the previous-generation Defender 130 pick-up. 

The Grenadier pick-up volition nary uncertainty beryllium pitched arsenic a rival to the Toyota Hilux and Volkswagen Amarok, some of which are acceptable to beryllium reinvented utilizing the aforesaid underpinnings adjacent year. Land Rover has yet to corroborate an open-backed mentation of the existent Defender but has antecedently hinted that specified a exemplary would beryllium "technically possible" and would apt beryllium a beardown seller.

Technically, the pick-up volition astir surely travel the SUV successful being offered with a prime of six-cylinder petrol and diesel engines from BMW, producing 283bhp and 250bhp respectively. 

Losing the rear seats and one-third of the bodywork volition besides effect successful a important driblet successful kerb weight, too, compared with the 2650kg SUV variant, truthful subtle show gains and improved off-road quality could beryllium connected the cards.

A much utilitarian absorption tin beryllium expected connected the inside, successful enactment with the often demanding workload of a 4x4 pick-up. The modular car goes large connected durability, with drain holes successful the level and a raft of stain-resistant materials, but the pick-up could beryllium offered astatine a little terms if it is furnished with little kit and less upmarket flourishes.

Ineos has yet to corroborate a circumstantial motorboat day for the 2nd Grenadier variant but has antecedently said it volition travel "soon after" the accomplishment of the SUV.