Inside the industry: The short life of JLR's Arch showrooms

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Even if you haven’t heard of Jaguar Land Rover’s Arch dealership conception by name, the chances are you would recognise it. Conceived successful 2013 and rolled retired since, it describes the firm’s dual-branded dealerships, noteworthy for their imposing right-angled structures, stripped-back colour palettes and reputed prices of up to £15 cardinal each.

Back erstwhile Arch was conceived, JLR was rocking. Land Rover could bash nary incorrect – Range Rover particularly so, the Evoque capturing the post-recessionary temper perfectly. Jaguar was besides acceptable to yet deliver, connected swagger with the F-Type, connected measurement with the XE and past – truthful work the plan, astatine slightest – connected nett with a household of SUVs.

Reports astatine the clip suggested the combined outgo of the caller dealerships successful the UK – chiefly borne by the dealers – would beryllium astir £1 billion.

Although the roll-out has taken acold longer than primitively believed, that has chiefly been down to readying issues.

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