Jeep readies EV crossover for 2023 launch

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Jeep volition ramp up the electrification of its line-up with an entry-level SUV to beryllium beneath the Jeep Renegade – and the electrical mentation has been caught with nary disguise during a movie shoot. 

A sanction for the American brand’s newest exemplary has not been revealed yet and details are scarce, but it is expected to beryllium related to the Peugeot 2008, fixed the similarities successful size and positioning, and the platform-sharing arrangements successful spot astatine Stellantis, genitor institution to both. 

This all-electric mentation should, therefore, beryllium a adjacent narration to the electrical Peugeot E-2008 - and is tipped to usage Stellantis's CMP architecture, arsenic utilized for EV and combustion versions of the likewise sized Vauxhall Mokka and DS 3 Crossback.

The EV was shown earlier this twelvemonth arsenic portion of a wide-reaching electrification strategy presumption fixed by Stellantis brag Carlos Tavares (below), and this recently spotted production-ready mentation looks to clasp mostly existent to that render - with heavy flared arches, Jeep's trademark seven-slot grille, chunky achromatic cladding and a two-tone overgarment job. 

It is intelligibly much urban-oriented than Jeep's full-sized SUVs, and could adjacent beryllium lined up arsenic a replacement for the Renegade, which is approaching its eigtht birthday. 

Jeep CEO Christian Meunier precocious confirmed the institution volition adhd a pure-electric exemplary successful "every large SUV segment" by 2025, by which constituent 70% of its planetary income volition beryllium electrified.

The babe SUV volition beryllium astatine the bottommost of the range, arsenic portion of a five-car line-up. It volition besides beryllium offered successful hybrid signifier - arsenic previewed by precocious spotted trial mules with disposable exhaust pipes.