Lancia hints at Stratos-inspired EV for April reveal

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In an interrogation with Autocar, Napolitano said Lancia volition absorption connected small, compact and flagship models that volition beryllium “in enactment with a contented that made Lancias recognisable each implicit the satellite for their elegance and modernity".

He added that upcoming cars volition be sold successful Italy alongside "four different European countries successful the archetypal phase". These are expected to beryllium the UK, France and Germany. The 2nd signifier volition apt involve expanding income Europe-wide. 

The company's caller epoch volition besides spot the improvement of an online income platform, akin to that offered by sibling brands. This volition beryllium accompanied by 100 income outlets crossed the continent. “We privation to marque Lancia a respected marque wrong the European premium market", said Napolitano.

He added: “Today is the opening of our renaissance that volition amaze Lancia fans each implicit the world. Lancia volition erstwhile again beryllium a desirable, respected and reliable marque successful the European premium market. Today is the opening of the caller Lancia.”

The interior of the adjacent procreation of Lancia volition beryllium created successful concern with Italian plan location Cassina and volition see the latest infotainment technologies, Lancia confirmed.

Lancia logo

The 116-year-old brand, present owned by Stellantis, has besides revealed a caller logo, opting for a three-dimensional look, alternatively than the flatter plan favoured by European car makers such arsenic Volkswagen and BMW.