MG 4 SE Long Range

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Even a abbreviated portion ago, the thought that MG Motor could straight benchmark 1 of its cars against a Volkswagen, not simply arsenic an ambition but arsenic a superior effort to lucifer and adjacent amended the exemplary successful question, would person produced reactions ranging from acidic cynicism to full-on mirth.

But, survey the look, content, price, spec and terms again of this MG 4, past instrumentality a drive, and your caput volition beryllium duly adjusted. This car is much than competitive, much blase than thing MG Motor has offered to date, decently enjoyable to drive, precise well-equipped, civilised and priced to marque you look twice.

Guy Pigounakis, MG Motor’s commercialized manager and manufacture seasoned of much than 40 years, calls the MG 4 a ‘disruptor’, for offering vastly much for less. He’s peculiarly pleased with a residual worth forecast that enables an particularly competitory PCP, starting astatine £300 per month.

Market essentials specified arsenic these, on with a now-extensive trader web and a seven-year, 80,000-mile warranty, supply the bedrock from which to motorboat a exemplary that Pigounakis expects to swiftly go MG Motor’s champion seller. These days that volition marque it rather a large seller, too, the company’s UK income swelling near-unstoppably.

The essence of the MG 4 is an all-new modular scaleable level that volition spot work crossed genitor company SAIC Group’s own-brand models, perchance achieving monolithic volumes. The MG 4 is the archetypal SAIC merchandise to usage a level notable for a slender artillery battalion that occupies astir the entirety of the wheelbase, a compact, rear-mounted centrifugal and a 50:50 value organisation careless of artillery output.

Of which there’s a prime of two, the basal 51kWh battalion of the £25,995 MG 4 SE teamed with a 168bhp centrifugal to present 218 miles of scope and a 7.7sec sprint to 62mph. The £28,495 SE long-range provides a 64kWh portion bully for a 281-mile range and a somewhat slower surge to 62mph successful 7.9sec, portion the range-topping £31,495 Trophy serves the aforesaid statistic with usefully much kit.

Not that the modular SE goes short, providing a floating 10.25in Carplay and Android-compatible infotainment screen, a DAB radio, a data-packed 7.0in operator accusation screen, an extended suite of physics operator immunodeficiency including radar cruise control, lane-keeping and postulation jam assist, 5 driving modes and 4 levels of regenerative braking.

All this is packaged wrong a benignant notably much modern than you’ll presently find successful an MG Motor showroom, if a small generic. That said, the abbreviated rear overhang, elaborate rear lights, floating extortion and heavy sculpted, achromatic little bodywork nutrient a look much diversion than the Volkswagen ID 3’s.

The dashboard is much striking too, its beardown horizontality breached by the duplicate floating screens and a steering instrumentality rim level astatine some apical and bottom. If the compartment is simply a small gloomy, seats, carpets, doorway cards and headlining each acheronian arsenic night, it’s nevertheless beauteous spacious, particularly against the electrical superminis that the MG 4 competes with connected price. Bootspace is little clever, but the mendacious level allows tidy stowage of the complaint cable, and the folding rear seats are split.

Such practicalities are soon forgotten erstwhile it comes to the driving. Merely getting successful ignites the duplicate screens, drive-away readiness is achieved by pressing the brake. Swivelling an astir comically ample rotary knob resembling a high-end 1970s amplifier measurement power selects drive, and you’re off, successful soundlessness and enjoying a thrust that rounds disconnected crisp bumps to comfortingly bully effect. If you’ve precocious stepped retired of an ID 3 you’ll besides announcement little roadworthy noise, a smoother thrust and somewhat sharper performance. Of which there’s plenty, fixed that this is simply a household hatchback, with capable in-gear zest to marque overtaking a satisfyingly brisk experience.

As with astir of the much affordable (or little unaffordable) EVs, the instant torque’s surging effectiveness begins to taper disconnected past 70mph, but fewer hatchback buyers volition beryllium bothered by that. Those aft a pokier MG 4 tin look guardant to the sportier dual-motor mentation coming adjacent year, which is bully for sub-5.0sec 0-62mph dashes. The motor’s instant torque surely gives the traction power strategy plentifulness to bash if you cane the MG 4 done a roundabout, and lifting disconnected produces entertainingly beardown tuck-in. Driven little provocatively the MG corners with immoderate panache and plentifulness of grip, this the payment of that long, slim, low-mounted artillery pack, the 50:50 value organisation and precise constricted body-roll.

Demandingly lumpy B-roads are met with fantabulous assemblage control, small bump-thump and bully stability, and if there’s beardown side-to-side rocking implicit abrupt camber changes, the MG 4 is undoubtedly its maker’s most-entertaining five-door yet. To that extremity you tin change brake pedal effort, steering value (though not feel, of which there’s little-to-none), throttle effect and regenerative braking strength via the infotainment surface and the ‘custom’ enactment of 5 driving modes (normal, sport, eco, snow, custom) if chosen via the 1 of the steering wheel’s shortcut buttons. Although it’s a faff to bash this compared with the elemental paddle strategy of the Kia e-Niro. The athletics and eco modes besides intensify the regen effect successful a much accessible way.

The MG’s infotainment surface is besides a mild challenge, the deficiency of a ledge connected which to remainder your wagging hand, and the tiny virtual buttons that are your targets, a disappointment from a institution that likes majoring connected tech. Other negatives see the jutting ledge that carries the transmission knob, whose hard borderline your near genu soon tires of rubbing, and the evident inability to crook the car disconnected should you privation to bash that and stay successful it, possibly for a nap. Powering it down requires you to get retired and fastener it. But erstwhile you get successful again, a spot sensor turns the screens, and aircon fan, backmost on. Hmm.

Despite these issues the MG 4 offers a large deal, particularly for the price. It’s much agreeably engaging than the ID 3, much sporting, amended to beryllium in, amended to look astatine and substantially much affordable. It’s overmuch roomier than its supermini rivals, too. The decorativeness is beauteous bully for the price, adjacent if subtle outgo savings specified arsenic the deficiency of drawback handles, a rear spot armrest and sill tread plates opposition with the soft-feel precocious facia, leather-edged steering instrumentality and those floating screens.

MG Motor MGs are already a communal show connected our roads, and this keenly priced, stylish, roomy, swift and precise susceptible hatch guarantees that they volition go much plentiful still. If you’re inactive doubtful, see that this long-range 281-mile SE costs £350 a month, a 260-mile Volkswagen ID 3 £564 and the overmuch smaller, 222-mile Vauxhall Corsa-E £430. That’s a examination that should beryllium disruptively attractive.

Technical specs

Model tested:

MG4 SE Long Range

Electric motor/s:

Permanent magnet synchronous centrifugal

Driveline layout:

Rear-wheel drive

Model tested

MG4 SE Long Range

Electric motor/s

Permanent magnet synchronous centrifugal

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Driveline layout

Rear-wheel drive

Top velocity (claimed)


Top velocity (claimed)



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