Motorsport Tools brings back MG Metro 6R4 for 2024

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Motorsport Tools (MST), the motorsport engineering outfit known for its fearsome Ford Escort-inspired rally recreations, is bringing backmost the MG Metro 6R4 for 2024.

The MG Metro 6R4, loosely based connected the humble Austin Metro, is 1 of the astir notorious – if not palmy – Group B rally weapons of the 1980s. It came 3rd successful 1985's Lombard RAC Rally, but its unreliable V6 motor kept it disconnected the podium during the 1986 play - during which Group B cars were banned from competing. 

Revealed connected the company's Facebook account, the new-spec 6R4 volition – similar MST's Escort-shaped Mk1 and Mk2 – beryllium each but visually identical to its WRC-winning forebear but with a fig of modern touches that committedness to marque it 1 of adjacent year's astir formidable road-going show cars.

Chief among these upgrades volition beryllium an all-new carbonfibre assemblage shell, engineered successful concern with New Zealand firm Innovate Composites, designed to the nonstop dimensions of the archetypal car's glassfibre body.

MST hasn't yet confirmed whether this volition marque it immoderate lighter than the 1040kg original, though it volition besides nary uncertainty diagnostic a heavy reinforced chassis, arsenic with the company's erstwhile creations. 

Beyond that, each MST has truthful acold confirmed is that the "all-new 6R4" (MST doesn't clasp the rights to the MG oregon Metro names) volition lucifer the archetypal car successful taking its powerfulness from a mid-mounted V6, driving some axles done a sequential gearbox. 

The archetypal car was celebrated for utilizing the Cosworth-derived naturally aspirated six-cylinder portion that would aboriginal look – with turbochargers – successful the Jaguar XJ220 supercar.

There were 2 versions: the road-legal Clubman, with astir 250bhp, and the International, which ramped up output to 410bhp for motorsport applications. 

A supplier for the caller motor hasn't been announced. MST uses a 2.0-litre Cosworth-designed BDG contention motor successful the Mk1 and a 2.5-litre Ford Durance lump successful the Mk2, some of four-cylinder format.