Nearly new buying guide: Seat Leon Estate

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Finally, Xcellence comes with an extended database of bells and whistles. It gets 17in alloy wheels, three-zone clime control, a rear-view camera and keyless commencement and entry.

On the road, the Leon offers amusive driving dynamics and keen handling. Despite that it won’t rattle your fillings retired and is compliant implicit ample undulations, specified arsenic velocity bumps. In hybrid signifier oregon FR trim, however, it isn’t rather truthful absorbent implicit unsmooth municipality streets oregon pockmarked A-roads. Inside, the driving presumption is good, with pedals that enactment up neatly with the spot and steering wheel, and a driver’s spot that’s comfy connected agelong journeys and supportive done corners. The information that each trims travel with adjustable lumbar enactment besides helps. 

Interior prime is great, with squidgy, dense-feeling integrative connected the apical of the dashboard and supra the armrests connected the doors. The buttons connected the steering instrumentality are nicely weighted and don’t consciousness astatine each cheap.

Space for beforehand and rear passengers is plentiful and footwear measurement is somewhat supra par compared with rivals, though it’s worthy noting that the e-Hybrid’s footwear is smaller than that of the non-electrified Leons.

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