New 2023 Ford electric crossover to be revealed tomorrow

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Ford electrical  suv prototype broadside  tracking 2023

Apart from the caller EV's aero-optimised instrumentality designs, contrasting little bumper and chunky headlights, everything remained under wraps, but successful size and silhouette (as shown by the latest images), it's evident that Ford's caller EV volition beryllium aimed squarely astatine cars similar the Toyota bZ4X, Nissan Ariya and Volvo XC40 Recharge. 

Ford's Europe marketing boss, Peter Zillig, antecedently posted a darkened preview representation of the car to LinkedIn, likewise giving small distant but revealing a charismatic LED beforehand airy signature that could go a defining diagnostic of Ford's new-era cars. 

Zillig said each caller Ford models volition beryllium designed according to the Adventurous Spirit ethos, which is designed to assistance Ford "connect emotionally with consumers who accidental they cognize we're American but don't consciousness we're American".

He said: "Adventurous Spirit is meaningful due to the fact that it is authentic. We’re not inventing thing new. Instead, we’re channelling a spot that has helped specify Ford for fast-approaching 120 years. We are tapping into thing intangible, but real." 

More specifically, the caller MEB car volition signifier portion of the Active Adventure model line, unneurotic with different mid-size SUVs specified arsenic the Ford Kuga. 

There are 3 different 'families' successful this caller age: Wild Performance is for the Ford Mustang line, Urban Escape is for "statement-making models" similar the Ford Puma and Ultimate Outdoor comprises hardcore off-roaders specified arsenic the Bronco and Ranger Raptor.