New Volkswagen Multivan California confirmed for 2023 reveal

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Volkswagen has confirmed that it volition uncover a California camper mentation of the Multivan aboriginal this year.

Speaking astatine the company’s yearly property conference, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles CEO Carsten Intra announced plans to turn the California brand.

He said: “We privation to grow the scope astir the concern with our camper models and connection what radical truly similar successful our products - what we telephone the ‘California feeling’.

“It includes integer services for the California community, caller services to complement the acquisition of a conveyance and the presumption of a caller California conveyance based connected the Volkswagen Multivan. This is what we are readying for aboriginal this year.”

The Multivan California volition regenerate the existent Volkswagen California 6.1, which is based connected the outgoing Transporter van. The lone Transporter 6.1-based exemplary inactive connected merchantability successful the UK, it is priced from £60,398.

The Multivan signalled a displacement successful the brand’s commercialized conveyance line-up, doing distant with the Transporter’s underpinnings successful favour of the MQB platform, which underpins astir Volkswagen cars.

Volkswagen has yet to corroborate immoderate details of the Multivan California, but it whitethorn go the lone plug-in hybrid camper van connected sale. The rival Mercedes-Benz V-Class Marco Polo and Ford Transit Custom Nugget are disposable with diesel engines only.

As for the long-awaited Volkswagen ID Buzz California, Intra said this volition get successful 2025, pursuing the merchandise of a long-wheelbase exemplary aboriginal this year.

This LWB variant – slated to connection greater seating flexibility than the existent exemplary – volition besides beryllium sold successful the US. Volkswagen R&D brag Kai Gruenitz antecedently told Autocar that “it volition person 3 rows and 7 seats, and you tin propulsion them each retired of the back,” arsenic good arsenic rotating captain’s chairs.

He besides confirmed that a performance-focused ID Buzz GTX volition besides beryllium revealed aboriginal this year, offering 335bhp and a bespoke interior.