Used car buying guide: Bugatti Veyron

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People ever gawp astatine unprecedented inventions that marque the satellite look similar a smaller place. The locomotive, for example, the car and the aeroplane. 

And then, successful an admittedly chunky leap, the Bugatti Veyron of 2005. 

At its world-shrinking apical velocity of 253mph, you could get from London to Glasgow successful 2 hours. That would beryllium without substance stops, however; you would really person to marque those each 12 minutes. 

There’s a bully crushed for this unrestrained (11mpg) thirst. Totals of 987bhp and 921lb ft travel from an 8.0-litre, quad-turbocharged W16 engine, resulting successful a 0-62mph clip of 2.5sec. 

The Veyron pulverised the past grounds holder, McLaren’s legendary F1. If you had a resistance contention and gave the F1 a caput commencement to 125mph, the Veyron would inactive deed 200mph first. 

An adjacent faster variation would travel successful 2010, called the Super Sport, hitting 267mph with a streamlined body, an elongated, flattened motor screen and a powerfulness summation to 1184bhp. Targa-top versions of the archetypal Veyron and the Super Sport arrived successful 2009 and 2012, called the Grand Sport and Grand Sport Vitesse.

But let’s rewind to the Veyron’s improvement successful the precocious 1990s. It was the brainchild of Volkswagen Group main Ferdinand Piëch, who decided to reinvigorate Bugatti and technologist the world’s fastest car – sketches of which were allegedly done connected the slug bid from Tokyo to Nagoya. 

To powerfulness it, engineers mated 2 Audi-derived V8s and utilized 10 radiators for cooling, each costing £6000. Those 2 ducts you spot connected either broadside of the motor bay? They proviso the turbos alone. 

Covering that was a timeless, slippery body. Sauber’s upwind passageway was chosen to sculpt said body, but it could trial lone to the 220mph V-max of Formula 1 cars, truthful Bugatti alternatively had to usage different facility. Little is known astir it, but we bash cognize it had a 9046bhp, eight-metre-wide fan. 

Then on came Pierre-Henri Raphanel, Bugatti’s main trial driver. The ex-F1 racer drove the Veyron 11,000 times crossed 23 countries. To him, each facet was “shocking” – but successful a bully way, from its braking show to its traction and interior luxury. 

“One of Piëch’s engineering requirements for the Veyron was that it had to beryllium classy and refined capable for its proprietor to instrumentality his woman to the opera successful it,” helium said.

What’s more, the Veyron wasn’t a trailblazer lone due to the fact that of this ferocious attraction to engineering. 

Around bends, it handled with astir inconceivable grip and composure, utilizing imperishable four-wheel thrust and 20in tyres. In town, it felt nary much unsafe to thrust than a Volkswagen Polo and, astatine precocious speeds, felt arsenic unchangeable arsenic immoderate aeroplane. 

Speaking of aircraft, the interior it felt and looked arsenic if Air Force One’s statesmanlike suite had been restyled by Liberace. High-grade leather sat against magnesium indicator stalks and a phenomenal dependable strategy to marque it worthy of an £840,000 asking price. 

Extremely costly it was, then, and it’s adjacent much truthful contiguous - and determination are different drawbacks. Rearward visibility is constricted and right-hand thrust was ne'er offered. 

We won’t dwell connected that though, and alternatively observe the Veyron for what it is: a groundbreaking ground-hugger that makes the satellite look fractional arsenic large arsenic it is. It whitethorn person been a costly, one-off method exercise, but truthful was Concorde. And that shrunk the satellite too.

What we said then

2 March 2011: “The deficiency of play you acquisition down the instrumentality makes the sensation of endless acceleration adjacent much surreal than it sounds. Even successful the dry, you tin consciousness the four-wheel thrust strategy apportioning torque if you usage the throttle with immoderate enthusiasm. Yet it’s not particularly intimidating. Such is the accuracy of the steering and suppleness of the thrust that you tin thread it down astir roads similar different sports cars.”

Buyer beware

Recalls: You wouldn’t deliberation this would autumn unfortunate to a recall, but substance gauge issues meant immoderate cars were sent back. The gauge would archer the operator they had a afloat vessel adjacent erstwhile they didn’t, which is an contented successful specified a thirsty car. Another callback affected astir 100 cars built betwixt 2006 and 2010 whose aluminium panels fitted underneath could person corroded and fallen off. Therefore guarantee the underside is successful bully condition. If not, person it rectified by a trader arsenic soon arsenic possible. 

Jack plates: On definite cars made betwixt 2006 and 2010, the plates liable for taking the car’s value erstwhile it’s jacked up are excessively weak, truthful the jack tin go embedded successful the chassis. Ensure this replacement has been carried retired if necessary. 

Rear bumpers: If you’re buying a car that primitively came from the UAE oregon the US, it volition person a squared recess for the rear sheet alternatively of a rectangular one.

Gearbox: Make definite this has been checked by a Bugatti specializer earlier you buy, due to the fact that it has to regularly past 921lb ft of torque. A caller 1 tin outgo upwards of six figures. 

Wheels and tyres: To forestall the hazard of cracks forming successful the alloy wheels from underuse and to guarantee they are equipped to grip 250mph, the wheels person to beryllium replaced on with each 3rd acceptable of tyres astatine a outgo of astir £52,000. The tyres themselves are bespoke Michelin Pilot Sport PAXs, a acceptable of which costs astir £30,000.

Also worthy knowing 

The motor is sealed truthful accessible lone to Bugatti-registered dealers. This means you’re retired of luck if you privation to behaviour your ain work oregon tinker with it astatine the weekend. 

Servicing is hugely costly and indispensable beryllium carried retired astatine Bugatti’s mill successful Molsheim, France. 

An lipid alteration unsocial volition outgo upwards of £16,500. Bugatti customers had to wage a mandatory yearly interest of astir £10,000 for detailing successful bid to support the bodywork successful a suitable condition. If you’re taking connected a utilized Veyron, we would suggest abiding by that detailing regime.

How overmuch to spend

£850,000-£949,999: Earlier cars from 2007 with 15,000-20,000 miles, successful emblematic specifications and really driven.

£950,000-£999,999: Newer cars from 2009 with mileages beneath 10,000, positive 1 customised illustration from 2006 with bespoke alloys and an aftermarket exhaust. 

£1,000,000 and above: Grand Sport and Grand Sport Vitesse editions from 2013 and 2014 with mileages arsenic debased arsenic 2000. Primarily these are concern opportunities.

One we found

Bugatti Veyron, 2007, 18,000 miles, £899,989: This premier illustration has been good cared for with a afloat Bugatti work history. However, judging by the mileage, it hasn’t simply been treated arsenic a collector’s item.


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