Volkswagen Multivan

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Our Multivan is successful its highest spec and has past had immoderate much options added. But each variants get the aforesaid level of practicality and versatility – and it’s of the benignant that evangelical owners volition archer you you’ll ne'er spell backmost from.

Let’s commencement up beforehand astatine the concern end. There are 2 ample wide chairs, electrically adjusted, with a comparatively chilled upright driving presumption and a steering instrumentality astatine a accepted car-like angle. Most of this architecture’s hardware is sited betwixt the driver’s spot and the beforehand axle, and it is awesome that it’s flexible capable to beryllium successful some a debased saloon but besides an astir two-metre-tall van that you measurement up into.

It’s precise casual to get comfortable, there’s wide abstraction astir the seats due to the fact that the cogwheel selector is precocious connected the dashboard and there’s a immense windscreen, albeit with wide metallic astir the A-pillar and quarterlight. The van’s sides are level and the mirrors and windows are large, truthful it’s 1 of the easiest 5x2m cars to wield astir choky car parks.

Material acceptable and decorativeness is precocious – airy surfaces, going dense connected carpet oregon brushed feel, and adjacent an approximation of wood crossed the dashboard. But, then, the before-option terms is astir £60,000, which volition bring an anticipation that you’re not conscionable paying for the abstraction wrong it.

Storage abstraction up beforehand abounds. There is nary support by the extortion successful which to suffer reams of paperwork, but each doorway has 2 pockets and determination are 2 gloveboxes and fold-down cupholders connected the dash with a instrumentality tray above. Then there’s a sliding console that tin beryllium dragged to betwixt the seats that has much storage, oregon tin beryllium utilized arsenic an armrest – though each beforehand spot gets a brace of those anyway.

The rear of the compartment is arsenic you privation to marque it. It is carpeted and determination are 3 pairs of rails moving the magnitude of the 2300mm volume. Our trial car has 5 seats backmost here, but you tin spec fewer. They each region (but, astatine 15kg oregon so, they’re not light), arsenic does that retention cubby, which tin beryllium raised and has fold-out tables successful its top. You tin spot the seats either mode around, and past they descent the magnitude of the rails too. So if you privation conscionable 4 chairs backmost determination arsenic an bureau distant from location oregon enforcement transport seated astir a table, each facing each other, capable your boots. Or you tin heap successful each the seats and a herd of kids.

As a effect of that flexibility, we person not listed minimum/maximum rear limb country measurements due to the fact that you tin person nary or, with legs extending betwixt the beforehand seats, astir 3 metres of it. But if you person the driver’s spot successful a emblematic position, some rows 2 and 3 tin person 715mm of limb country with inactive a tiny footwear behind. Even with the beforehand seat arsenic acold backmost arsenic it volition go, there’s 660mm for rear occupants.

Behind the 3rd enactment there’s a luggage support and, with that successful spot and the seats successful beforehand of it, 469 litres of abstraction backmost there. That extends to 1844 litres down a 2nd enactment successful a reasonably emblematic position, with a maximum abstraction of 3672 litres with each the seats retired (4053 litres successful the longer version). As importantly, the minimum width of the tailgate opening is 1200mm, and its tallness 1160mm. The broadside doors unfastened broadly, too, with a debased measurement conscionable wrong them, and springiness large access.

There are 2 things to note. There isn’t an underfloor cubby for the complaint cable, truthful that volition beryllium successful determination somewhere. And each but the centre-rear seat is right- oregon left-handed, truthful you volition person to enactment them successful their close broadside to guarantee seatbelts – mounted to the chassis, not the seats – sling crossed them properly.


Volkswagen’s infotainment system – and peculiarly its heating and ventilation controls – is among the astir annoying successful the business. That’s particularly existent of this latest-generation set-up, fixed the heating and measurement controls are some sited conscionable wherever you would privation to remainder your thenar to interaction the screen. So you extremity up bracing your fingers connected the dash oregon the surface apical similar you’re playing a peculiarly tricky snooker shot. And those buttons don’t airy up successful the dark.

If you privation to set the heated seat, you propulsion the heated spot (or climate) button, which opens up different menu. So portion the icons are large and the driving assistance graphics are cute, and you tin alteration the interior colours done a fewer saccharine choices, it’s a fiddle to usage overall. We fishy galore volition upwind up mirroring their smartphones.

And yet determination are things to like, specified arsenic the £1080 Harman Kardon dependable system, which sounds terrific.